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Integration Empowerment Team (IET)
Integration Empowerment Team (IET)

Which are IET activities and responsibilities?

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IMPORTANT: This documentation has been discontinued. Read the updated Integration Empowerment Team (IET) documentation on our new documentation portal.

The Integration Empowerment Team (IET) is the team responsible for leading the integration discipline within the company, thus making business teams more focused and faster to deploy their digital transformation strategy. 


  1. It defines and orchestrates the integration discipline

  2. It deploys the Hybrid Integration Platform

  3. It uses the Digibee platform as a work tool

  4. It provides support services to integrations

  5. It describes good integration practices

  6. It works as a service provider, and not as a regulating entity

Integration Model:

  • It enables modern models: microservices; event driven; on-line or near real time processes

  • Integration policies

  • Access control and security

  • Creation of Libraries, internal APIs, automation, and operating improvements

  • Simplified construction process, focused on the business

  • Clear predefined activity sequence (Integration Journey)

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