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Alert - Recycled
Alert - Recycled
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When checking the deployment status of a pipeline, does it show "Recycled"?

Along with the biweekly Release Notes, Digibee performs regular updates on its Platform. One part of it is the natural recycling of the machines that make up our infrastructure. When that happens, pipelines currently running get moved to machines already available.

Now, our crash detection mechanism is still unable to distinguish between that movement and actual errors, and because of it, a RECYCLED tag appears next to the pipelines affected by the process of machine recycling.

The "Recycled" flag can be removed by redeploying the pipeline; however, redeployment is not mandatory in this case. Therefore, you don't need to redeploy all pipes at once, but gradually, according to how critical each one is. For now, this does not impact or prevent the execution of the flagged pipelines.

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