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Generic File Writer Connector Documentation
Generic File Writer Connector Documentation
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IMPORTANT: This documentation has been discontinued. Read the updated Generic File Writer Connector Documentation documentation on our new documentation portal.

GenericFileWriterConnector - writes a JSON structure to a local file (currently only supports CSV output)

Connector configuration parameters:

GenericFileWriterConnector 'in' message structure. The connector WILL expect a message in the following format:

   "filename": "file"

Where filename overrides the default file to use.

GenericFileWriterConnector 'out' message structure.

    "filename": ""

Where filename is the filename that was written to

THREAD SAFETY: this connector can write to the same file from concurrent threads (if append is used)

IMPORTANT: File manipulation inside a pipeline is done in a protected way. All files can only be accessed in a temporary directory where each pipeline KEY has access to its own set of files. 

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