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IMPORTANT: This documentation has been discontinued. Read the updated Relationship documentation on our new documentation portal.

Relationship creates relations between 1 or more entities so that searches in different bases can be made.

IMPORTANT: the component doesn't support concurrent accesses while trying to update or save new relations.

Take a look at the configuration parameters of the component:

  • Operation: operation to be executed (MATCH, CREATE, UPDATE, GET BY FIELD AND VALUE, TRANSLATE and DELETE EXACT).

  • Relation Name: name given to the created relation.

  • Translate Path: path through which the component searches the IDs to be translated.

  • From: origin of the search.

  • To: destination of the search.

  • Fail On Error: if the option is enabled, the execution of the pipeline with error will be interrupted; otherwise, the pipeline execution proceeds, but the result will show a false value for the “success” property.


  • MATCH: searches a match between 2 fields and the declared value.

  • CREATE: creates a relation by the field.

  • UPDATE: update an existing relation by the field.

  • GET BY FIELD AND VALUE: searches a relation between the field and its value.

  • TRANSLATE: translates an IDs list based on the path specified in "Translate Path".

  • DELETE EXACT: delete an exact relation in all the declared fields.

IMPORTANT: it's necessary to declare the query inside the relation object:

relation : {
field1: value
field2: value
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