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Send notifications via email
Send notifications via email

Library to send an email via smtp

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IMPORTANT: This documentation has been discontinued. Read the updated Send notifications via e-mail documentation on our new documentation portal.




Send notification via e-mail


The Purpose is to receive any JSON content at the input, in addition to variables, and send it via email.

Static connector configuration parameters

  • * smtp-email: Account to authenticate at the email server

  • * de: Sender's address

  • ambiente [environment]: it indicates the warning-related environment, e.g., TEST|PROD

  • destinatário [recipient]: recipient to send the email to, to use a list, it is necessary to inform a JSON array in the string format.

  • pipeline: It indicates the pipeline name (free text).

  • descricao-alerta: Title that will be used on the email header

  • assunto: Customized subjected for identifying the email

Dynamic connector configuration parameters

  • Parameters can also be configured dynamically; therefore, they must be informed within the "emailParams" object: {}

  • Dynamically informed parameters will be overwritten by static ones.


  "logger": {
    "status": 200,
    "body": {
      "soap:Envelope": {
        "soap:Body": {
          "Erros": {
            "DescricaoErro": "Código de documento 1 não encontrado."
          "ProcessamentoOK": false
  "emailParams": {
    "pipeline": "confirmar-ticket-gera",
    "descricao-alerta": "Erro ao consultar dados para integração.",
    "destinatario": "[email protected]",
    "environment": "TEST",
    "assunto": "Erro Pedido"



  "success" : true


   "timestamp": 1559243275088,
   "error": "Error",
   "code": 500
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