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Know how to create users and remove permissions.

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After having your Digibee Environment enabled, it's important to know how to manage permissions.

Did you know that all the users are created with full access permission? Therefore, we recommend you to review the permissions after the first logins are registered.

Nowadays, every users management and permission process is done inside Digibee Platform. To start it, access the ADMIN menu and click on the USERS tab.



To create a new user, just click on the CREATE button.

After that, insert the email address of the new user - it will be its unique access identifier. It's for this same address that we'll send the orientation to access the Platform. 

After the login creation, you can manage which resources will be available for the user. That means, you determine if the user can run a pipeline test, update its password, activate the authentication factor, among others.


Beyond the email, you can also insert other information related to the user. Take a look:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Timezone (optional)

  • Image (optional)    


To remove/give back some user resource, firstly you have to:

  • click on the search bar to find the wanted user

  • click on the green icon to start the permissions edition

  • unmark the field of permission you want to remove; remark the field of permission you want to give back

  • click on CONFIRM

Afterwards, when you use the search icon to search for the resources of a registered user, only the kept resources will appear on the list.    


If your environment has its own identity providers (external) integrated to Digibee Platform, then you'll be able to edit user permissions only. The creation of new users won't be enabled in your environment. That happens because the integration already includes the automatic creation as soon as the identity provider allows the access to our Platform.

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