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What features are resolved by the Capsules?
What features are resolved by the Capsules?
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IMPORTANT: This documentation has been discontinued. Read the updated What features are resolved by the Capsules? documentation on our new documentation portal.

The essence of the Digibee Capsule is to present sets of ready, tested and validated integrations for the market to have a better internal or external connection in a documented way. It allows a company to modernize its IT and its partner companies to use offers with security and simplicity.

Think, for example, of an organization where there’re several relevant data flows for all areas - authentication, customer inquiry, stock inquiry, among others. For these flows it’s possible to create pipelines that distribute the services, but it’s also necessary to document, catalogue and maintain the deployed pipeline.

Making flows from any part of a pipeline more accessible allows you to set broader business goals. That's why we've created this functionality that brings flows together and makes them reusable and self-documented just like our core components. That way, the flows become easier to use and well-known throughout your organization - all it takes is to directly consult the component palette.

The Capsules have the core components of the Digibee HIP Platform, which means, they have all the features delivered by them.

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