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How does the process of updating the Capsules in my pipelines work?
How does the process of updating the Capsules in my pipelines work?
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IMPORTANT: This documentation has been discontinued. Read the updated Capsules - FAQ documentation on our new documentation portal.

The Digibee Platform never makes direct changes to the structure or information of deployed pipelines. Therefore, we never affect a pipeline without an authorized user in your organization doing a new deployment.

As we need to help in the simplified distribution of the Capsules, we adopted the following strategy:

By including a Capsule in your pipeline, you are associating it with the "Major" or "Minor" version of the Capsule (as quoted in the example of question How does the Capsules versioning and maintenance work? How can I guarantee that my business will not be affected?).

But if you ask yourself where the "Fix" version went, know that a pipeline always automatically receives the most recent "Fix" version when a new deployment is made or when the test mode is run on the canvas pipeline screen. As mentioned earlier, the "Fix" version is changed only when the change doesn’t impact the pipeline. Pipelines aren’t affected or updated by "Major" or "Minor" versions of a Capsule that is part of their compositions. To use this Capsule, an Integration Analyst responsible for the pipeline must perform the application manually.

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