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What is digibeectl?

With digibeectl, which is Digibee's CLI (command-line interface), your team can execute a series of steps related to services available on Digibee’s Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP). Before this feature, executing such steps was only available through the graphical user interface.

What features are accessible through digibeectl?

Through digibeectl it is possible to consult details of pipelines, deploy pipelines, and remove or update deployments with one easy step. As new features will continue to evolve within the digibeectl, any operation available in the graphical user interface will also be available via the command line interface.

To learn more about the features available in digibeectl, see digibeectl Use Guide.

How do I activate digibeectl in my realm?

digibeectl will be released as Beta Restricted. Customers interested in using it must request access via the platform's chat or by reaching out to the Customer Success team. Selected customers will have early access to the new command line functionality.

Is it safe to share my sensitive data with digibeectl?

Yes, digibeectl is based on Digibee's security architecture. To gain access, a unique token is generated with necessary permissions. To learn more about how to generate your unique digibeectl token see the How to obtain digibeectl configuration file.

How does digibeectl versioning and maintenance work?

digibeectl follows the cadence of releases of the Digibee Platform. Sinceit is a CLI that is installed in customer environments, it is important to always keep the digibeectl updated.

  • Versioning model: major.minor.fix

  • First version example: 0.1.x

Upgrades that affect the "fix" version will not impact existing operations.

The platform will not allow users to run on outdated versions as they may no longer be compatible with the products' various evolutions. Which is why, again, it is important to always keep digibeectl up to date.

How do I control access to digibeectl within my organization?

To use digibeectl you must have permissions that allow you to generate a unique access token. This token can only be generated by users with the appropriate permissions and has a reduced scope of action.

The following permissions are required to use digibeectl:




For more details on how to generate a token for digibeectl, see the article How to obtain digibeectl configuration file.

Is digibeectl compatible with my CI/CD tools and DevOps processes?

digibeectl is compatible with all CI/CD platforms on the market, as long as you use the list of supported operating systems (more details at digibeectl Use Guide). You must also be able to trigger the digibeectl command throughout your DevOps processes.

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