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Learn more about the transition to the new management model.

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IMPORTANT: This documentation has been discontinued. Read the updated New access control transition documentation on our new documentation portal.

Along with the new access control model, we have developed this feature so users can flag that they have transitioned from the old model to the new model. This will allow the Product Team to turn off the old model without impacting realms.

Currently, the two models of access control are functioning in a model of permissions sum, to minimize the loss of access due to the transition between them. This means that if a user has permission in any of the models and does not have it in the other, he will have access to the Platform's resources.

The shutdown date of the old model will be displayed on the Platform itself, through a message on the user’s screen. During this time, several campaigns will be carried through to encourage the migration for the new model of access control.

Customers who do not migrate until the informed period will have limited access to the platform.

Before starting:

Read the following articles and learn more about the transition:

How to accomplish your user transition

After creating Groups, Users, and Roles as seen in the articles above, the Access Managers must access the Users screen where they can check if all users are able to transition to the new model.

Note: The Access Manager is a user listed in the 'access-managers' Group which grants permission to manage Users, Groups, and Roles.

At the top of the user's screen, you will see a message about the deadline for transitioning users:

The users who still didn’t have their access replicated in the new model ( Users that were not assigned to the member list in the access control groups) will have an attention icon on the Users menu.

At the end of the transition, all users must have a green checkmark icon and the following message must appear at the top of the screen, replacing the transition period message

Tutorial on the transition to the new access control

You can watch the following video or continue reading this article to learn how to transition your realm to the new access control:

Users already set up in the new model:

In the example below, three users are already assigned to one or more groups. When clicking “VERIFY'', it is possible to visualize the groups to which the users are assigned to and the list of permissions of each one of them.

Users without permissions in the new model:

If a user is not assigned to one or more groups, you will see the attention icon

next to the “VERIFY” button.

In this case, you must create or update groups and roles to add users' permissions.

The user transition can be done one by one or multiple users at once.

How to migrate users individually

  1. Sign in to the Digibee Platform;

  2. Click the “Administration” icon;

  3. Enter the "Users" menu option;

  4. Search for the user in the search bar;

  5. Click on “VERIFY” next to user;

  6. A screen containing the user information will appear. If it is correct, click on “REMOVE OLD PERMISSIONS”;

  7. .Once that's done, we'll see the icon next to the user, indicating that the user has been migrated to the new access control.

How to migrate multiple users

In order to assist the transition process, it is also possible to remove old permissions from multiple users. However, only perform this process if you are sure that all users have been reviewed and that they have their permissions configured correctly. Follow these steps to do the transition at once:

  1. Sign in to the Digibee Platform;

  2. Click the “Administration” icon;

  3. Enter the "Users" menu option;

  4. Click “VERIFY ALL” in the upper right corner;

On this screen, we can see important factors such as:

  • The number of users ready for the transition;

  • A download button, which allows you to download a JSON file containing the users’ permissions;

Before removing all old permissions, make sure they are already assigned to new groups with their old permissions. Otherwise, they will lose access to the Digibee Platform features and services.

IMPORTANT: If all users are all ready for migration, there will not be a confirmation dialog, the shutdown will start as soon as the user clicks on the button.

When everything is ready, click on “REMOVE OLD PERMISSIONS”.

If there is any pendency, a confirmation dialog will appear, and if you want to proceed click again on “REMOVE OLD PERMISSIONS”.

After completing these steps, the transition will have been done successfully and the following message will replace the original message about the access transition deadline date:


IMPORTANT: By clicking on the button “REMOVE OLD PERMISSIONS” and confirming the action, even if the browser is closed, the process will continue. Therefore, only start the process if you are ready to permanently remove the old permissions".

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