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XML Schema Validator (New)
XML Schema Validator (New)

Know the component and how to use it

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The XML Schema Validator validates an XML file against one or multiple XSD files.

Take a look at the parameters of this component’s configuration:

  • XML File Name: name of the XML file that will be validated.

  • XSDs: a list of XSD files that will be used to validate the XML file. The XSD root validation file should be informed as the first file. The rest of the files should be informed after that.

  • The name of the informed files should be the same as those specified within the XSD file imports.

  • Fail On Error: if the option is enabled, pipeline executions will be interrupted if an error occurs. Otherwise, the execution of the pipeline continues, but the result of the success property will be false in the output of the component.

Some of the parameters above support Double Braces. To better understand how this language works, read our article by clicking here.

Messages flow

  • Input

No specific message is required in the input. You may only set up the fields required for each operation.

  • Output

"success": true,
"valid": true,
"errors": [
"lineNumber": 10,
"columnNumber": 2,
"message": "Invalid type",
"publicId": null


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