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Product Roadmap, Q3/22
Product Roadmap, Q3/22

Check out the upcoming features of the Digibee Platform.

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This article highlights Digibee's upcoming roadmap for features scheduled for release in Q3, 2022.

Note: This page contains information about upcoming features. Please note that the information presented here is for informational purposes only. Any items mentioned on this page are subject to change or delay, and feature development, release, and timing are at the sole discretion of Digibee.


The Build team is responsible for accelerating developer's time to value by creating the best pipeline build experience.

We highlight the following upcoming features for Q3/22:

New Canvas:

We have developed a completely new Canvas architecture.

It is designed to give the team more flexibility in developing new features on Canvas and to make maintenance easier.

Thanks to the new architecture, the New Canvas is able to display validations in real time during the pipeline building process, and it provides a new experience for navigation. Now, the New Canvas will enable the team to build features as an Outline for navigation, Undo and Redo and a Debugging experience.

Validations during pipeline construction:

Users will see alerts to help them identify and fix common issues faster.

These alerts are categorized into Errors and Warnings to indicate how serious a problem is.

Example: if a Choice component does not have an Otherwise option, users will see a red alert, indicating an error and a message, plus a link for documentation with details on how to fix it.

During Q3, the Build team will explore more rules to be implemented and how to manage the use of each rule. Example: disabling Warnings or turning them into Errors so they become mandatory.

Platform Governance

The Platform Governance team is responsible for the Identity and Access Management scope within the Digibee Platform.

Our goal for Q3 is to increase the access manager’s confidence when performing identity and access management for realms integrated with an identity provider.

We highlight the following upcoming features for Q3/22:

Platform Access Classification: This initiative will bring tools to the access manager to classify users' access in terms of authentication and authorization characteristics to improve troubleshooting and support decision-making related to identity and access management.

Group Mapping Testing: The access manager will be able to test group mapping (by integrating IdP groups with Digibee groups) before enabling federated authorization for the realm, preventing loss of access for Platform users.


The Components team is responsible for creating and updating Triggers and Components of the Digibee Platform.

We highlight the following upcoming features for Q3/22:

Parquet Component: This is a file format designed to support fast data processing of complex data. With this component, users can write and read Parquet File within their pipelines and capsules.

SAP Component Enhancement: This enhancement in the SAP component will allow users to connect to an SAP system through Load Balancer connection besides direct connections.

New Components: The Components team is constantly working on components requested by our customers to meet their needs.

Core Platform

The Core Platform team is responsible for developing internal features to accelerate delivery by all other Digibee teams.

We highlight the following upcoming features for Q3/22:

Performance Implementation: Our goal is to reduce memory heap usage up to 5x in JVM (Java Virtual Machine) when loading the pipeline at runtime. This will solve issues on Test-mode for large pipelines and multiple capsules usages.


The Monitor team is responsible for creating the best Monitoring and Troubleshooting experience for the Digibee Platform.

We highlight the following upcoming features for Q3/22:

New Monitor Experience: The monitor team will start by reviewing the current user experience, proposing short and medium term improvements.

Growth and Licensing

The Growth and Licensing team is responsible for improving the user experience while managing and acquiring licenses and for helping customers grow their platform usage on their own.

We highlight the following upcoming features for Q3/22:

New "SaaS Subscription" Management: Our goal is to build a new visual and self-service experience for customers who have hired the new SaaS subscription model (after April/2022).

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