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About the Documentation
About the Documentation

Learn more about how our documentation is organized and start using it!

Written by Rafael Blanco
Updated this week

As previously announced, the technical documentation of the Digibee Integration Platform is available on a new portal and can be accessed via the Documentation Portal.

In this documentation, you will find definitions, concepts, explanations, technical reference guides and tutorials. Note that it is intended for customer use of the product.

Why the change?

With the progressive evolution of the Digibee Integration Platform, we have recognized the need to provide more in-depth documentation to help users achieve their goals while addressing their needs.

The new Documentation Portal provides benefits such as easier navigation through the content and better readability, improving the user experience when using the information and reducing the need to contact the Support team.

What will happen to the Help Center?

This Help Center will continue to be used as a support and knowledge base tool for troubleshooting and its content will be updated soon.

Learn more about how our support works read Digibee Customer Support.

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