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Warnings on pipeline in Run
Warnings on pipeline in Run

Learn what to do when warnings appear in the Run’s pipeline.

Written by Rafael Ferreira Alves Pimenta
Updated over a week ago

IMPORTANT: This documentation has been discontinued. Read the updated How warnings work on pipelines in Run documentation on our new documentation portal.

When you run a pipeline in Run’s test and prod environment, some warnings may appear on your pipeline card. Below, we show some of the warnings that may appear in pipelines and what you can do about them.

Warning: Recycled

When an error occurs in the pipeline, a warning is displayed on the pipeline card in this format, as shown below:

When you click on the pipeline card, you can see details about its deployment. Below, a box displays the Recycled warning.

When you click on it, you will see the following message: "Your pipeline has been restarted due to incorrect configuration, not predicted failure or cloud infrastructure updates".

Why does this happen?

Digibee regularly performs infrastructure updates on its platform. Part of this update is to recycle the machines that support the infrastructure.

When this happens, running pipelines are automatically moved to machines that are available at the moment. This process causes confusion between natural moves and errors.

The Recycled warning appears on pipelines that have been moved due to natural recycling of machines.

Solving the problem

However, redeployment is not mandatory unless you want to remove the Recycled warning. This way you do not have to redeploy all your pipelines at once, but can do it at different times depending on the business criticality.

Warning: Out of memory

This warning is displayed when there was not enough memory to process pipeline messages.

When you click on the pipeline card, just below the warning, a message is displayed informing that the pipeline needs to be redeployed in a greater size.

To identify the possible cause of the error and fix the problem, see this article for more information. All possible causes of this error and their solutions are included in this article.

However, if the deployment date is older than the latest version, we recommend that you execute a redeployment to update the pipeline. Go to the pipeline card and click the three dots and then click Redeploy, as shown below.

Warning: The pipeline must be redeployed

As the message itself already informs, the pipeline must be redeployed. After moving the pipeline from one project to another, redeployment is required to have access to updated metrics and logs.

After clicking REDEPLOY PIPELINE, the page will redirect to the deployment screen where you can select information such as Size, Concurrent executions, and Replicas. Finally, click DEPLOY to remove this warning.

Warning: Your pipeline has errors and issues

This message is displayed when multiple errors occur in the pipeline.

When you select the pipeline, you can see the two previously mentioned warnings: Out of Memory and Recycled. To solve both problems at once, you just need redeploy the pipeline.

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