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How do I use Accounts inside the Capsules?
How do I use Accounts inside the Capsules?
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IMPORTANT: This documentation has been discontinued. Read the updated Capsules - FAQ documentation on our new documentation portal.

Accounts are functionalities used by core components (such as SAP, for example) to perform authentication on endpoints. To use an Account, just find the list of Accounts in the pipeline canvas, which come directly from the Realm and are managed in the Settings > Accounts menu.

In the Capsules, this functionality has a small difference in relation to the pipeline that will use it, since Accounts and pipelines aren’t always in the same Realm of construction. Therefore, it’s necessary to previously define a list of Accounts Placeholders. This list can be defined in the Capsules screen by clicking on:

Screen Settings > Accounts tab

In the screen described above will be defined the Accounts with Label and the description to guide on the type of Account that should be selected within the pipeline canvas.

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