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Q&A and Terms of Use.

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IMPORTANT: This documentation has been discontinued. Read the updated Beta Program documentation on our new documentation portal.

What is the beta program?

The beta programs arise as an opportunity for us to check how the Platform users feel regarding stability, scalability, performance, and usability of new layouts and functionalities.

While using the beta program, you might experience some unexpected situations. The reason for it to happen is that you’re not using the final versions and they remain under improvement. By the test period end, taking into consideration the users' feedback, the report of eventual execution errors, or the identification of usability issues, we’ll decide to either extend the beta program or to make available the final versions of layouts and functionalities.

Beta Restricted program

Beta Restricted program is made available for a restricted base of users. Access to the functionalities under this mode is granted after Digibee creates a strategic selection criterion, which validates the choice of the participant users.

How can I adhere to the beta program?

When activating the new layout, you automatically make your adhesion and agree with the terms of use.

What are the terms of use of the beta program in the Platform?

To use the beta program, you must:

  • respect all the terms of use of the operational version;

  • agree that the use of the Platform beta version implies not being covered by the SLA applied to the active operational version;

  • agree that the beta program and its functionalities may not be available in an operational version;

  • not use the regular support channels. Comments, criticism, compliments, and suggestions must be registered through the “Send Feedback” channel.

How do I send feedback about a feature in the beta program?

The Platform already has a channel for users to send feedback. Check it out:

You must forward all your suggestions, compliments, complaints, and comments through this channel. That way, your feedback is forwarded to the team in charge, which is responsible for making adjustments and improvements.

If you have any other doubts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

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