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How does the Digibee Customer Support work?

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All customers have access to the services of our Support team. These specialists are well prepared to offer you the best possible experience in solving your doubts or possible problems.

To learn how Support works, read the following content.

What kind of demands can be directed to Digibee Support?

The Support Team works with the aim that the customer becomes increasingly independent in dealing with the platform:

  • We facilitate the understanding of connectors and their use in integration flows.

  • We answer questions and clarify doubts regarding the use of the platform and its components.

  • We help investigate and resolve incidents regarding the platform.

  • We answer requests related to the Digibee infrastructure.

What are Digibee Support's service channels?

The service is provided through chat, which can be opened through the following ways:

  • Inside the platform, in a logged-in environment in the client's realm via the ? icon, as shown below:

  • On the login page of the platform, in a non logged-in environment via the ? icon, as shown below:

  • Via the Digibee Website, in a non logged-in environment via the Intercom icon, as shown below:

What is important to inform when opening a chat on Digibee Support?

For questions about development on the platform:

  • Detail the question,

  • Specify the integration logic and what you want to get as a result,

  • Name of the pipeline,

  • Environment (Prod or Test).

For incident-related issues:

  • Pipeline name;

  • Project name (if any);

  • Environment (Prod or Test)

  • Pipeline key (for errors or incidents);

  • Error message with date and time

  • Expected behavior vs. questioned behavior

  • Previous analysis performed by customer with evidence from testing;

  • Other pertinent information to assist in identification and analysis.

What are the Digibee Support opening hours?

Our service is available 24 hours a day for all applicants.

What languages ​​can Digibee Support respond to?

Our development team is ready to respond to requests in the following languages:

  • English

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish

Who can submit a request to Digibee Support?

Support is available for any request, regardless of whether the requester is an active customer or not, taking into account the different action forms listed below:

applicant without an active contract

  • information and general or technical questions about the platform.

customer with active contract

  • request outside the platform (non logged-in environment) - information and general or technical questions about the platform and incidents with user authentication on the platform. Customer realm data will not be shared.

  • request through the platform (logged-in environment) - unrestricted service for questions, guidance, development support, and incident resolution in deployed flows. If the question is related to an ongoing project, it will be forwarded to the internal team working with the customer.

What types of demands can Digibee Support not meet?

  • We do not share contractual information.

  • Complex adjustments that require longer execution time, greater understanding of changes, and that change the development strategy originally envisioned in the flow are referred to the project teams.

  • We do not make adjustments or answer questions about pipelines that are still in the design phase of the Digibee project team. These are forwarded to the project team working with the customer.

  • We do not provide information from the customer environment for services not authenticated on the platform.

  • We are not responsible for the behavior of systems/endpoints outside of the Digibee platform

What access permissions does the support team have?

The support team has read-only access to the customer realms. If changes are made, the customer must grant access to the Support team.

The customer login that is to authorize Support team access must have the necessary permissions to grant this access.

Does the support team make adjustments to Test or Production pipelines at the customer's request?

We always try to guide the customer to make the necessary adjustments. In some cases, if necessary and properly approved by the customer, the support team can configure the environment and make minor adjustments to the customer's pipelines.

For more complex cases that require a better understanding of the changes or the scope of the changes in the project and the architecture of the pipes, they are referred to the project team in our Squads to follow up on the need and the action plan.

How does Digibee Support work with prioritizing requests?

We prioritize requests according to their criticality, as described in the table below:




Priority 1


Complete unavailability of environment or platform components affecting pipelines in Customer's production environment (PROD) and does not have a defined workaround.

Priority 2


Partial unavailability of resources (one or more resources) and/or degradation of platform performance affecting the production environment (PROD) and does not have a defined workaround. Other pipelines are available and other functions remain operational.

Priority 3


Unavailability of resources (one or more resources) and/or degradation of platform performance affecting the production environment (PROD) and it is possible to implement a temporary workaround.

Unavailability of pipelines in the customer’s test environment (TEST).

Priority 4


Topics not related to unavailability, such as: questions, requests, advice, guidelines.

What are the service times followed by Digibee Support?



First Response



Priority 1


30 minutes

2 hours

8 hours

Priority 2


30 minutes

4 hours

16 hours

Priority 3


30 minutes

36 hours

36 hours

Priority 4


1 hour

72 hours

15 days

* Estimated time to apply the alternative solution.

How to escalate case in the Digibee Support?

The customer can escalate an opened support case when:

  • there is something that is at odds with your expectations

  • the scenario has changed and its necessary a different approach

  • needs inspection from someone other than the Support Engineer assigned

💡 An escalation will not automatically mean your case can be resolved faster, but it will ensure you are connected with a Support Lead to ensure we understand your escalation and align on the next steps for your case.

How to Escalate

  1. Send an email to [email protected]

  2. Inform whitch case you want to escalate

  3. Provide details and reason for escalation

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