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IP Address Mapping for Progress Database
IP Address Mapping for Progress Database

The mapping of IP address for Progress database has a specific configuration – follow along!

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In order to establish communication between a pipeline and a database through a VPN (Virtual Private Network), the IP address where the database is installed must be provided. With Progress database, in addition to the IP address, it is also necessary to inform the range of ports defined by -minport and -maxport.

If the script that loads the database does not specify those two parameters, their default values as defined by Progress will be:

- Ports 1025 to 2000 for Unix/Linux;

- Ports 3000 to 5000 for Windows.

You can request IP address mapping to connect through a VPN by contacting the Digibee Support team via chat on our platform.

For information on how to start a chat on our platform, please click the button below:

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